Videofreex Woodstock Festival Fiftieth Anniversary Music Celebration and Farm Radio Show: Lanesville TV Special Live!
August 15 • Thursday • 7PM WGXC 90.7-FM &

Ninety-minute entertaining radio spectacular celebrates 50 years of the pioneer video group Videofreex. Parry and David, the first Freex, met and their first production together was at the Woodstock Music Festival (Yasgur’s Farm). The show features Videofreex documentary clips behind-the-scenes at the festival (seen in the new feature “The People’s Woodstock"), rare 1970s music recordings from the Videofreex Video Archive (including rock legend Buzzy Linhart), and live studio talk and listeners’ phone calls with Videofreex Nancy, Bart, Mary Curtis, Davidson, and Skip. Broadcast live from Maple Tree Farm in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, home of Rip Van Winkle, and where the Freex lived in a rambling former boarding house, and had a media center with a pirate TV station from 1971 - 78. The other farms in Videofreex history are our early video friends Ant Farm, alternate culture nomads Hog Farm who visited us with two hippie buses, and Wave Farm, transmission arts center hosting this radio program, which is a present-day Catskill Mountains progeny of the Freex’ 1970s rural-based media production and education center. (TV was first called “radio with pictures.” So radio is “TV with no pictures,” as is this show literally… we’ll play the show with picture on TV screens in the MTF studio for the radio station audio-only feed.)

LISTEN TO THE SHOW AFTER THE LIVE BROADCAST: link to recorded show follows WGXC schedule show description under “AUDIO” dropdown menu.

Two-hour 30-song playlist by DJ Skip B. A musical manifesto made for movement and for the Movement!
Classic and surprising new hot dance tracks from U.S., Fiji, Austria, Kurdistan, Germany, Japan, Jamaica, the Woodstock Festival and elsewhere, with lyrics espousing progressive social, cultural, political and personal change. THE TIME IS NOW TO WORK FOR BIG CHANGES TOWARDS THE BETTER WORLD THAT WE ALL WANT! LET’S GET MOVING! Turn the volume up loud and dance your ass off for a better future. Click for Playlist with song titles & artists.